Workshop Directors

"I would like to tell you what a pleasure it was working with you. The students and staff raved about the weekend ... and I look forward to working with you in the future."
— Joy Ijams, Director of Continuing Education, Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.

"I have only heard good things about this weekend’s course. Thanks so much for bringing this exciting program to the Clark."
— Julie Chase, Director of Special Projects, The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

"It was a pleasure to have you lead such a positive weekend photography workshop. ... The participants found the entire experience full of focus, information, and excellent interaction.
— Anne Sims, Education Manager, Chanticleer Garden

"Allen is a master of flower and garden photography, an excellent photographer who’s easy to work with, and delivers great images on deadline for a wide variety of assignment photography. And as a Workshops@Adorama instructor, he consistently receives glowing evaluations from the attendees. ... Over the past 25 years, I’ve hired Allen again and again; his beautiful images and the results of all his assignments and workshops are quite simply, the best."
— Monica Cipnic, Program Director, Workshops @Adorama

"Thank you for your participation on the GWAA program again this year. Both of the sessions you did for us were excellent as usual. We want you to consider scheduling another workshop with the Minneapolis meeting next year."
— Robert LaGasse, Executive Editor, Garden Writers of America.

"Thanks for providing a wonderful program for the photographers in your recent workshop."
— Claude Stephens, Director of Education, The Bernheim Forest

"I recommend Allen Rokach as an amazing garden photography teacher. He is awesome!"
— Holly Shimizu, Executive Director of the United States Botanical Garden, Washington, D.C.

"As always, thanks you so much for such wonderful lectures and workshops. Your photos and voice prove inspiring to all who experience them."
— Libby Rhoads, The United States Botanic Garden, Washington, D.C.

Reviewers and Colleagues

“The photographer’s eye is keen and unhackneyed, and the color plates are so toothsome, I could easily enjoy the book if it were written in Sanskrit or Japanese or some other language I don’t read. But Mr. Rokach provides more than beautiful, often haunting pictures. His text initiates readers into both the lower mysteries and some of the higher ones of garden photography.”
— Allen Lacy, The New York Times Book Review

“… one of the world’s preeminent flower and garden photographers.”
— New York Academy of Sciences

"Focus on Flowers is magnificent."
— Herbert Keppler, Editor, Popular Photography

"... terrific new books [Focus on Flowers and Focus on Travel] for the nature photographer."
Outdoor Photographer

"Allen Rokach is without a doubt the finest photographer I have ever worked with. If Allen can't take the picture, the picture can't be taken."
— Steve Bender, Senior Writer, Southern Living

"Larry has found a genius at garden photography. Allen Rokach ... is probably the best photographer I have ever seen."
— Russell Page, world-renowned landscape designer


“When I have a difficult assignment, the first person I call is Allen Rokach.”
— Michael Carlton, Editor & Coastal Living & Executive Editor for Travel & Features, Southern Living

"I have looked through your photographs with the greatest of admiration. In fact, I have never seen better photographs of outdoor sculpture.”
— John Russell, Chief Art Critic, The New York Times


"Thanks once again for the terrific workshop. I enjoyed every minute of it, and I enjoyed talking to you personally."

"I came away with some great information on using/taking advantage of the light, selecting (aka cropping) the most interesting parts of an image, Photoshop techniques for bringing out the best in an image and other ideas. If I can put into practice what you showed us, I'll have moved up to the next plateau in my photography life. I liked your approach to working with us students in that you made each of us feel that we did well. You are one of those 'positive' people that I bump into every now and then."
— Ken Curtis, NJ

"I certainly enjoyed the weekend at Bok. I also came a way with a LOT of information and feel that the time and $$ were well used!"
— Eric Whaley, Tampa, FL

"First a huge thank you for coming to Chicago Botanic Garden. I had never, as you know, participated in a photography workshop before and I found yours to be so stimulating and filled me with an interest to continue to study and explore but also with more questions than I thought existed! So do come back soon."
— Cathie Denckla, Chicago, IL

"You not only have the ability to crate unique images, but the ability to inspire and rekindle the passion required to infuse the energy into the photos."
— Geysa Sarkany, NY

"I am grateful that I had this chance to meet and work with you, not only have you inspired me with your work as a photographer and teacher but you have also inspired me with your energetic attitude towards life and your gracious spirit."
— Daisy Art, New Jersey

"I've always just shot what I happened to see that attracted me but on Rokach's field trips I learned to apply myself. Seeing other people's work and perspective was another way to absorb and learn."
— Susan Dupree, Colorado

"I would like to thank Allen for taking a personal interest in each student for taking the time to answer all questions presented."
— James Benge, Carrolton, TX

"You are a master teacher."
— Dr. Samuel Beranbaum, New York City

"You dealt very well with our different levels of photographic knowledge and worked individually with us. It was extremely well done."
— Seymour Roth, Long Island, NY

"Pictures the 2nd day were better than the 1st day."
— Doug Crosby, PA

"Excellent workshop. Learned a lot. Looking to attend more in the future."
— Hugh Friel, Jr.

"Allen worked diligently to give each individually as much attention as they required."
— Billy Forneri, Mesquite, TX

"I could take this course again and still benefit."
— Vera Hayes, Carrolton, TX

"Allen was very helpful and very open with everyone with very constructive comments and assistance. Allen does a wonderful job of opening one's mind to the wide world of possibilities for photographing flowers and gardens and for making you think about what you do."
— Penny Pagano, Washington, D.C.

"Allen was very knowledgeable. I appreciated his direct and frank comments. His presentations were very helpful and informative."
— Barry Biddle, NY

"This is a great course. ... The assignments taught us how to take pictures for a specific purpose/application. It taught us to look at the process of making pictures in a different mindset."
— Robert van Buskirk, Dallas, TX

"... glad to see honest appraisals."
— Ric Granroth, Highland Park, IL

"Best workshop instruction. Has a style so we could learn at our own rate and what was of interest."
— Joseph Lord, Tampa, FL

As I had zero expectations, I am amazed at how much knowledge I acquired. I hope we meet again."
— Richard Hermes, MD

"I now understand that you don’t have to be Ansel Adams to produce a deep photo."
— Donald Breed, RI

"I learned how to work with folks we want to photograph. Importance of my attitude and intentions. My photography had taken a quantum leap forward as a result of Al’s photography program."
— Bob Cullumbine, CA

"Allen would come over to you and offer help in the middle of a land tour and then follow-up that you were able to work out and follow the solution."
— Priscella Sargent, ME

"Exceptionally approachable. Friendly. Thank you."
— Rose Mount, CT

"I very much enjoyed the photo sessions and in a very short time was able to improve my photographs great job. Thank you."
— Rihs Middel, Switzerland

"The workshops were great I learned a lot particulars from shots that I was having problems with. I was nervous about submitting my photos at first but you made it a safe environment."
— Laura Good

"Thanks for your knowledge, tact, enthusiasm, and stamina. This was a true enrichment of the trip for me — seeing the memories."
— Wendy Brown

"The best session on this tour. Very helpful and enjoyable. A definite value add to any tour. Allen was very approachable."
— Suha Patel, Australia

"Allen and Anne, you are wonderful people! I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know you and learn from both of you. Also very approachable and down to earth — not at all intimidating."
— Mary Johanson, Seatlle, WA

"I learned that even with a point and shoot you need to think about composition."
— Jack and Nacy Holtzapple

I thought you were instructive without hurting anyones feelings offering positive critiques, I noticed improvements in everyone's photographs ... that’s what it’s all about. I hope I can be as helpful to my students as you were to us."
— Joy Sweeney, Clevland, OH

"Fantastic teacher! Will definitely take another workshop with you."
— Arnold Sweey, WI

"I am so glad that we took the class. I learned a lot and am very thankful."
— Darlene Mitchell

"Excellent experience — please keep up and increase your emphasis on photographing flowers; photography is really a creative process and is now my life-long activity."
— Van Markle

"This is a great course for advanced beginners and intermediate photographers. The assignments taught us to focus on taking pictures for a specific purpose/application. And those varied from assignment to assignment. It taught me to look at the process of taking photos in differing mind sets. The immersion approach worked for me."
— Robert van Buskirk

"It was exciting to see improvement in my photographs after only a day. The constructive criticism was very helpful."
— Lisa Biddle

"I take photos primarily of people when I travel and when my friend who shoots primarily floral and when she asked me to take this class, I was hesitant. I'm so glad I did. I learned a lot and now I can apply this knowledge to areas of my interest in photography."
— Wendy Summer, Warren, CT

"Allen made everyone every comfortable and struck a delicate balance being supportive and at the same time constructive and demanding."
— Larry Toal, NYC

"The unique thing about what Allen has to offer is his great artistic experience."
— South Carolina

"Keep coming to Winterthur, please!"
— Sally Dewees, Wilmington, DE

"Very nicely done. Allen finds beauty and strengths in everybody's pictures."
— Rick Mattson, Washington, DC

"Allen used pictures taken by students in class as a way of illustrating his teaching points."
— Jackie Labowitz, Washington, DC

"Wonderful opportunity! Great group to be with."
— Ginny Allen, Birmingham, AL

"Fun times — great organization. Was a good cooperative group."
— Clinta Williams, Dallas, Texas

"It has been a very enjoyable experience. Thanks for coming to Maine!"
— Bill Cullina, Boothbay, Maine

"I appreciate that you were fairly inclusive of our little cameras. I love taking pictures, but the bigger more expensive cameras aren't in the plans right now."
— Cynthia Phinney, Livermore Falls, ME

"Allen Rokach is an excellent workshop instructor — all around I would attend any workshop led by him."
— Marian Walsh, Saratoga Springs, NY

"Far exceeded my expectations."
— Francine Irvin, Chicago, IL

"I enjoyed this class. The critique sessions very extremely helpful. Thank you for simplifying the information."
— Osboure Cook, Sokie, IL

"Excellent information about Bridge and Photoshop. I loved the analysis of the photos!"
— Nancy Pollack, Chicago, IL

"Very productive. Got intimate with my tripod and flash."
— Marc Bond

"All my question were answered satisfactorily and with humor."
— Nancy March, Haines City, FL

"I learned how to visualize and frame my shots. I learned how to see photographically."
— George Butz

"Very helpful. Allen was able to create a common denominator so each students could understand the technical points we was making."
— Linda Tyor, FL

"I attended many other cruise photo workshops. This was the most helpful. It was practical and interactive. I liked the format."
— Dee Schaeffer, Saint Paul, MN

"Your discussion about planning a photo was well said."
— OAH, Lyon, France

"A really liked Allen's personality and the fact that he enjoyed what he was doing."
— RL Linker, Pasedena, CA

"There was nothing missing in this workshop. I am now a better photographer."
— Susan Plomin, MI

"The workshop opened my eyes and mind."
— Bruce Colbert, IL

"I have visited Chanticleer many times, but it was wonderful to see it through the eyes of my classmates. The workshop exceeded my expectations."
— Lucrecia Robbins, Wyndmoor, PA

"I am extremely happy with what I learned and I am glad I took this workshop. Photo review sessions were very helpful."
— Ben Wagner, Lansdale, PA

"I thought the site worked well, the food much much better than expected. The workshop exceeded my expectations."
— John Robertson, Reading, PA

"Allen was very knowledgeable and I really learned a lot about a wide range of photographic equipment. Thanks very much!"
— Susan Flynn, Laurel, MD

"Thanks for willing to share your knowledge."
— Kelly Kirwan, Louisville, KY

"Good instructor and workshop. Bring Allen back!"
— David Lukenbill, KY

"I liked Allen's effort to help each person. I appreciated his directness and candor."
— Olivia Ogren Hrejsa, Dallas, TX

"I am now so much more aware of harsh light. Allen's ability to teach us how to see light is amazing. I now know what is 'good' light."
— Nancy Blake, Dallas, Texas

"I loved it all. Thanks for coming to Texas."
— Norma Babbitt, Dallas, Texas

"Allen made everyone every comfortable and struck a delicate balance being supportive and at the same time constructive and demanding."
— Larry Toal, NYC

"Allen is a master and it is great to learn from him."
— Charles Reese, Unionville, PA

"Feedback session are extremely helpful in reinforcing things we've learned."
— Pat Rhubottom, PA

"Enjoyed the workshop. Excellent suggestions in organizing your photography."
— Ohio

"All the time was so well organized. I do not see how I could have learned more."
— Bob Cullenbine, Sunnyvale, CA

"Mr. Rokach is wonderful."
— Barbara Brown, Chicago, IL

"I appreciated Allen's sense of humor, encouragement and positive feedback."
— Lowell Voram, Wayne, PA

"A very positive experience, instructor gave only positive feedback."
— Teresa Clark, Shepardsville, KY

"Allen is knowledgeable and greet at explaining simple terms."
— Lauri Clark, Dallas, TX

"You were also exceptional in how you handled each person’s images, each time making positive statements about their work. I hope to be able to attend your class in October."
— Jim Smith, Dallas, Texas

"… thank you again for the great workshop at the Arboretum over the weekend. You sure have led me to so many things to study to improve my photography. I appreciate it very much! It was a fun time too. I enjoyed getting to know you and meeting the others in the workshop. I look forward to attending another workshop. I appreciated the use of humor and the field trip. ... The patience shown by Mr. Rokach was great! The workshop was a joy! Thanks so much!"
— Jay Patterson, Dallas, Texas

The workshops that I have attended have helped me a lot. Hope to see you again soon."
— Dave Norris, Dallas, Texas

"My first workshop and it was very good! I learned new things and gained a new perspective."
— Tim Smith, Dallas, Texas

"I gained tremendous insight into visualization of the image."
— Mark Montgomery, Dallas, Texas

"I learned new ways of thinking about color, strategy, light, etc."
— Kent Taylor, Texas

"Allen has a wonderful sense of humor. He is teaching us how to be stronger artists, not simply how to better use of our camera equipment."
— Josh Geller, Dallas, Texas

"This was the best class ever!, Than you, Allen!"
— Lisa Bartzokas, Dallas, Texas


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