The Joy of Photographing Flowers, July 9-11


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I will be at The Chicago Botanic Garden to offer a Friday evening lecture on The Joy of Photographing Flowers followed on Saturday and Sunday by a two-day workshop on Floral Close-Up Photography. The lecture presentation will take you on a visual journey that begins with my early attempts at flower photography and will trace the path I traveled learning the craft necessary to create dramatic floral close-ups. The intensive two-day workshop is scheduled at the height of the summer bloom. We will concentrate on close-up techniques using macro lenses, inexpensive extension tubes and close-up filters on lenses you already have, all to help you create dramatic and aesthetic images of flowers as you have rarely seen them.

For more information and to register go to the Chicago Botanic Garden Website. Click the Botanical Arts & Humanities link, then scroll down to find the workshop listing.

Or, look at some of my recent photos from the Chicago Botanic Garden on flickr.