May 10: Capturing the Beauty of Tulips, Early Spring Bulbs & Flowering Trees at The New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden bursts into bloom each spring and its tulips and flowering trees will be the focus in this all-day photography Workshop. You will concentrate on stretching your photographic skills so you can craft not just good or competent images of flowers and gardens but truly great ones. During the field session and review session, master photographer Allen Rokach will share the techniques professionals use to produce dramatic photographs of tulips, flowers and trees. You will receive in-depth instruction on making the best use of natural light throughout the day; portraying flowers and trees in their garden setting; composing with lines, shapes, textures and abstract forms; choosing the best lens for the task; mastering floral close-ups; and understanding the technical potential of digital cameras for achieving creative outcomes. You will spend a full day at the New York Botanical Garden followed by a two-hour review later in the week, at Adorama on Thursday evening.

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