Photographing the Great Gardens of Chicago: July 11-15

Sponsored by the Chicago Botanic Garden


This intensive 5-day flower and garden workshop offers a unique opportunity to visit and photograph five magnificent gardens in and around Chicago at the height of the summer bloom: the Chicago Botanic Garden; the Bahai Temple gardens in Willamette, IL; the Lurie Garden in Chicago’s Millenium Park; Mettawa Manor, in Mettawa, IL; and Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL.

Through lectures, daily field sessions and individual consultations, participants at all levels of photographic experience will receive in-depth instruction on the technical and aesthetic aspects of digital flower and garden photography: understanding composition; working with natural light; representing garden design; using selective sharpness; choosing the best lens for your purpose and much more. During daily review sessions, we will emphasize problem solving, improving our images and creative after-capture techniques using todays amazing software applications. As an added bonus, we will have access to the grounds of all gardens at sunrise to capture the special qualities of early morning light.

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