A Weekend of Photography Programs at the Chicago Botanic Garden: October 14-17

The Creative Magic of Digital Photography
October 14


This public lecture and audio-visual presentation will focus on helping you discover all the fascinating creative and technical opportunities that digital photography presents us with – not just in the camera but afterward, using some amazing and simple computer software applications. You’ll see how these techniques will open new doors to your own creativity. For more information and to register, click here.

Creative Color Using Digital Technology
October 15-16


Digital imaging has revolutionized photography and liberated photographers. In this intensive two-day photography workshop, I will guide participants to the limitless possibilities of digital garden and flower photography, finding our subjects in the conservatory and surrounding grounds of the Chicago Botanic Garden. We will concentrate on creating images built around color, shape, line and texture, making strong visual statements using these abstract elements of design. We will also focus on portraying flowers in their garden setting, finding unusual perspectives for close-ups and groupings. While most participants will be working with digital SLR cameras, I will also offer instruction on creative uses of iPhone and iPad technology.

Then, in our review sessions, we will explore ways to fine-tune and enhance our images in creative ways using today’s amazing but simple after-capture applications. For more information and to register, click here.

How to Make a Living as a Nature Photographer
Oct. 17


Is it possible to turn your love of flower, garden and nature photography into a viable career path? Yes, provided you have a clear understanding about how to transform your passion into a business.

This one-day symposium will outline the techniques and strategies that will help aspiring professional photographers to start and build their business. Participants will gain valuable insights by hearing about Allen’s own experiences over nearly 40 successful years in the field. Plus Allen will interview local professionals in photography-related fields about their careers.

The workshop will cover topics such as marketing your skills and your work; creating a portfolio; developing clients and getting assignments; pricing your work; working with photo editors and art directors; creating a web presence; legal considerations, and more.

For more information and to register, click here.