How to Lighten Up Your Camera Gear

As a professional photographer, I always wanted to use the best equipment. Quality was foremost and quantity was not an obstacle. I had cabinets full of Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Hasselblad, Rolleiflex and Sinar cameras with an assortment of lenses to go with them.

But over the years, I faced more and more situations that required me to limit my equipment. There were weight limits on some flights, especially on small planes going to remote places. Or I had to hike into a location and could only carry so much. Or I was taking a trip with many stops and I wanted to simplify my load. And — I’m sure this is familiar to some of you — lugging a lot of heavy gear just wasn’t fun any more. Usually, I just took less of the equipment I had. But as I began replacing gear, especially after cameras went digital, I started looking at lighter models that still lived up to the quality requirements I had. Continue reading at Adorama Learning Center.