Focus on Flowers: Lotuses and Waterlilies: July 5-8

Peony - Allen Rokach

There’s something very alluring about water gardens and this workshop will take you to two of the best: Lilypons Water Garden and Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens, both in the Washington, D.C. area.

At each location, we will hone techniques to capture the beauty of lotuses and waterlilies, which will be in full bloom at this time. The techniques will help you incorporate reflections, eliminate glare, expose properly, and compose beautifully even when you can’t get very close to your subject.

There will be early morning and late afternoon shoots plus two review sessions during and after lunch. In addition, in our daily review sessions, we will explore ways to improve and fine-tune our images working with today’s amazing but simple after-capture applications, including instructions on the “Rokach effect,” which allows you to give your photographs an impressionistic cast.

The cost of this workshop with 3 nights’ accommodations at Hampton Inn is $450 for a double room and $650 for single room including breakfast.